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The Gerwick Puppets

Deborah Costine, a puppeteer of Gerwick Puppets and performs shows for pre-school, kindergarten, elementary as well as for home birthday parties in the Northeast. Her shows include A Woodland Cinderella, The Three Little Pigs and Other Tales, and 'The Twig Family in the Oak Tree. Cinderella and The Three Little Pigs are designed for an audience of 100 or less. Twig is an intimate show that encourages young children to be aware and attentive to nature. This production is limited to an audience of 35. Turtle's Wetland Quest is an environmental puppet show that deals with the habitat of the Blanding's Turtle which is designed for kindergarten and elementary. It can handle audiences up to 250 children.

Puppet workshops show children and adults how to create a useful and sturdy hand puppet. Upper elementary students make puppets of historic figures or characters from American literature. Children in primary grades and kindergarten make characters from familiar stories. These puppets are then used to enact the written stories into short plays. Gerwick Puppets conducts puppet workshops that simplify these stories and transform them into puppet dramas.



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