Arts in the Parks, Newton MA

Nature Puppets
and Birthday Parties

Publicity material available

"Absolutely Fantastic"

Call Deborah Costine direct:

(508) 481-6260

(508) 481-6837

The two person productions are no longer performed, but we invite you to view them on this website or YouTube

Pre-K and Up.

"A Total Delight"

U.N.I.M.A. USA "

 Appropriate for ages four and up.

" Classic Quality Puppetry at its Best"
J.V. Fletcher Library, Westford, MA
Turtle's Wetland Quest

Puppet Shows in the Northeast MA, RI, CT, NH, VT, NY

Puppet shows for children and families are performed throughout the Northeast
in schools, libraries, museums, homes, camps and for all events in New England.

The Gerwick Puppets perform their puppet shows throughout New England to include Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Vermont.
Puppet shows by The Gerwick Puppets are in three categories.  The first category has large programs for up to 300 people.  The shows are designed for schools, museums, libraries and large venues.  These are two person shows with elaborate staging, sets and lighting.  There are six productions available that are shown above in the center of the page. 

The second catgory has shows by Deborah Costine. These shows are shown on the left side above.   Debbie enjoys performing shows for young children and birthday parties. The puppet show called Turtle's New Home is appropriate for up to 250 children and adults.  The other three shows are for pre school through early elementary children and are meant for audiences up to 100 people.

The third category has two solo shows by Leonard Gerwick and are designed for children and families. These are shown above on the right side.  Audience size may be up to 300 children and adults and the shows may be performed indoors or outdoors.