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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the setup time?
One and a half hours.

What is the take down time?
Strike time is forty-five minutes.

What performing space is best?
A room that can be darkened is ideal but not necessary (except for 'The Three Pigs and Other Tales').  We can work in an auditorium,  cafetorium, gymnasium, meeting room or large classroom.

Do we need a stage?
No. We bring everything that is needed.  If you have a stage, we will set up our puppet stage on that.

Should the audience be seated on chairs?
Children see better when seated on the floor and chairs may be set up on the sides and across the back for adults.

How big is your puppet stage?
The 'Large Assembly Shows' needs twenty feet in width, ten feet in depth and eight feet in height.  If necessary the height can be reduced to seven feet.

The 'Small Shows for Small Groups' needs six feet in width, six feet in depth and six feet in height.

The 'Summer Special Shows' needs ten feet in width, six feet in depth and six feet in height. 

What size audience is best for your show?
Check the recommended audience size on the 'Our Shows' page. For the 'Small Programs for Small Groups', check the individual shows.

How many electric outlets do you need?
One is enough.

What does the sponsor have to provide?
We bring all our sound and light equipment but we need a cleared performing space that is mopped or vacuumed.

Can you perform two different shows on the same day?
In many cases we can do two different shows, usually one for younger audiences and one for older audiences.

If you are doing two or three performances, how much time is needed between shows?
If we are doing the same show, then fifteen minutes is enough.  If we are doing a different show, we need a half hour.

Do the shows have to immediately follow each other?
We can do one show in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

What does the sponsor need to provide for a puppet making workshop?
We provide all materials but the sponsor needs to have table space and chairs for all participants. They also should cover the tables with paper to protect them from the glue and provide an 8-12 oz bottle (empty or full) as a stand for each puppet. A table or counter is needed to spread out the materials that participants use.

The Gerwick Puppets
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